Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rain..A Trip Down The Memory Lane

Did the soothing pitter patter of the rain drops and the evocative scent of fresh earth ever fail to trigger a cascade of memories? Well not in my case...

Today i was watching my favorite movie and all of a sudden it started to rain.Needless to say ,rain pelting memories at my window made me nostalgic.As a kid i found rains irresistible and went to an extent of distorting the lyrics of the rhyme "Rain Rain go away " to the obvious "Rain Rain Dont Go away"
Coming back from school all drenched,(though armed with an umbrella ) then plunge on the snacks, sit by the window and nudge it to feel the lingering perfume of the earth was a customary affair during the rainy season which i never dared to miss .

Inadvertent to my mom's incessent demands to come in and close the doors,my brother and I made absolute use of our old notebooks to make paper boats and watch them race never failed to bring a smile on our face....:).
Power cut was inevitable during rainy season and those cozy little conversations with my parents and brother, were something i used to look forward to.
Hmm those sweet and priceless moments...I was reviving my old memories and the clock struck 5...thought of givin VJ a sweet surprise by making his favorite snacks and ginger tea. We spent the whole evening talking about his and my chidhood and indulged in reminiscence making the day more memorable...
A perfect end to a perfect day...

Innocence has been slaughtered

Today's incident is horrifyingly reminiscent of another school in Montreal.

My heart goes out to the innocent souls who were mercilessly killed at virginia tech.Who would have imagined a pleasant day would turn into a nightmare?Who's to blame? NRA,republicans police or the savage deranged kid? This is an act of mindless violence, not an act of God.

Are we aware of the word "Humanity"?Whats happening to this world? Schools should be a safe place to learn ,make friends,make a future...not get shot up....What has the government done to curbstomp this kind of behavior? What CAN be done about it? Where the hell are these students getting the guns and ammunition?
This has to stop...Lock the gun registry down and enforce the law like you’re supposed to, taxpayers aren’t shelling out their cash to you politicians for nothing? Parents, stop leaving your gun cabinets unlocked!
I spent all day thinking of what the appropriate response would be to the senseless rampage at Virginia Tech today.

Truth is, how do you even respond? It’s tragic, and painful, and completely inexplicable.
May god give strength to their families to endure the unbearable loss .......My sincere prayers and wishes go out to all the affected and their families.

May the victim's soul rest in peace.

My Radical Launch :)

Atlast ive decided to join the blog bandwagon to record my thoughts,share my views and will try my best not to procrastinate(which i'm really good at).u'r welcome if u r ready to share my world ,,,,