Thursday, February 3, 2011

Innocence has been slaughtered

Today's incident is horrifyingly reminiscent of another school in Montreal.

My heart goes out to the innocent souls who were mercilessly killed at virginia tech.Who would have imagined a pleasant day would turn into a nightmare?Who's to blame? NRA,republicans police or the savage deranged kid? This is an act of mindless violence, not an act of God.

Are we aware of the word "Humanity"?Whats happening to this world? Schools should be a safe place to learn ,make friends,make a future...not get shot up....What has the government done to curbstomp this kind of behavior? What CAN be done about it? Where the hell are these students getting the guns and ammunition?
This has to stop...Lock the gun registry down and enforce the law like you’re supposed to, taxpayers aren’t shelling out their cash to you politicians for nothing? Parents, stop leaving your gun cabinets unlocked!
I spent all day thinking of what the appropriate response would be to the senseless rampage at Virginia Tech today.

Truth is, how do you even respond? It’s tragic, and painful, and completely inexplicable.
May god give strength to their families to endure the unbearable loss .......My sincere prayers and wishes go out to all the affected and their families.

May the victim's soul rest in peace.

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