Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rain..A Trip Down The Memory Lane

Did the soothing pitter patter of the rain drops and the evocative scent of fresh earth ever fail to trigger a cascade of memories? Well not in my case...

Today i was watching my favorite movie and all of a sudden it started to rain.Needless to say ,rain pelting memories at my window made me nostalgic.As a kid i found rains irresistible and went to an extent of distorting the lyrics of the rhyme "Rain Rain go away " to the obvious "Rain Rain Dont Go away"
Coming back from school all drenched,(though armed with an umbrella ) then plunge on the snacks, sit by the window and nudge it to feel the lingering perfume of the earth was a customary affair during the rainy season which i never dared to miss .

Inadvertent to my mom's incessent demands to come in and close the doors,my brother and I made absolute use of our old notebooks to make paper boats and watch them race never failed to bring a smile on our face....:).
Power cut was inevitable during rainy season and those cozy little conversations with my parents and brother, were something i used to look forward to.
Hmm those sweet and priceless moments...I was reviving my old memories and the clock struck 5...thought of givin VJ a sweet surprise by making his favorite snacks and ginger tea. We spent the whole evening talking about his and my chidhood and indulged in reminiscence making the day more memorable...
A perfect end to a perfect day...

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